Home Tip Of The Week: Set The Perfect Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving is next week, and if you’re hosting dinner, it’s time to start thinking about your decor. Try these tips to make your table extra special this year.

  • Remember, anything goes! Today, styles range from rustic to classic to modern. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, especially if you have a large group. Your silverware, glassware, and dishes don’t have to go with each other, and they don’t all have to be the same.
  • Think about the food. It is the most important part, right? Decide if you are placing it on the table, and if so, where. Test the space with empty trays and platters to determine the layout. Or keep it simple, and try a buffet in the kitchen.
  • Use what you have. Bring in items from around your home to create your centerpiece. Keep your decor low so you can see everyone and have quality conversation.
  • Incorporate nature. Bring the outside in by using fall leaves, pinecones, flowers, acorns, and more!
  • Glam it up! Balance out the natural elements with a few metallic pieces to add some flare.
  • Add warmth. Candles are a great way to make everyone feel even more at home, but use unscented ones so they don’t compete with the delicious aromas of the meal.
  • Don’t settle for standard place cards. Here’s your opportunity to be creative! If there are kids around, you can enlist their help and turn it into a craft project.
  • Try kraft paper instead of a tablecloth on the kids’ table. Who wouldn’t be excited to color on the table? Plus, it makes clean up easy.
  • Have fun with it! Pull out the quirky salt and pepper shakers, or put this “Mad Lib” style printable on everyone’s plate as a fun way to find out what each person is thankful for.

Finally, our most important tip of all: make the time to step away from the cooking, the dishes, and the TV screen to enjoy the time with your loved ones and create new memories. We hope you and your family have much to be thankful for this holiday season.