Home Tip Of The Week: 6 Steps To Get Your Home Back-To-School Ready


It’s hard to believe, but the first day of school is only a few weeks away. Ensure success for your family this school year by getting the house organized and ready.

  1. Take inventory. Look at last year’s supplies. See what can be used for another year and what needs to be replaced to make your shopping list.
  2. Create storage. Make a “landing zone” where coats, backpacks, shoes, and other items can be stashed when the little ones come through the door at the end of the day.
  3. Designate a study space. If your children have desks in their rooms, get them cleared off so there’s plenty of workspace, and stock them with all the necessary supplies. Add a secondary workstation in the kitchen for the days when your children don’t want to be locked away in their rooms.
  4. Conquer lunch and snack time. Dedicate one drawer of the fridge to lunchbox prep, and stock up on containers and plastic bags for packing. Store snacks on a low pantry shelf where the kids can grab them and go when they need a boost during studying.
  5. Make a family calendar. It can be difficult to keep track of all the club meetings, sports practices, and other after-school activities. Try a chalkboard, bulletin board, or dry erase board. Use a different colored chalk or marker for each family member to make things even easier!
  6. Get on a schedule. Start gradually getting everyone on track towards your ideal school schedule. Reign in bedtimes and start setting alarms in advance to ease into early mornings.

Follow these steps, and you’ll ace this school year!