Home Tip of the Week: How to Plan a Remodel


Whether you’re taking on a massive overhaul or a fairly simple renovation, the first step is to have a plan. Follow our guide and get organized to tackle any project!

  1. Browse for ideas. Consult Pinterest, magazines, and other resources to find inspiration and create your wish list. Save photos to later help translate your vision to your team.
  2. Make a plan. Determine a timeline and a budget. Assess how this affects your wish list and prioritize your needs.
  3. Do your research. Have friends who’ve been through the process? Find out about their experience and what they would have done differently if they could go back. Then think about your team. Interview multiple options and ask for bids. Check contractors’ ratings and reviews online to ensure they are credible before you commit, and always read the fine print on contracts.
  4. Finalize the details. Secure a storage unit for furnishings or book accommodations if necessary. Create a safe space for yourself. Select a room that won’t be affected and stock it with everything you need to feel at home. Schedule down time there.
  5. Stay flexible. With every remodel, there are highs and lows. Be prepared for the unexpected and be open to change. Establish good communication from the beginning to set yourself up for success.

Soon you’ll have the home of your dreams! Best of luck to you with your remodel.