Coldwell Banker Joins Forces with X-Men: Apocalypse


We are thrilled to announce our parent company, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, is the official Real Estate Partner of this summer’s most anticipated blockbuster in theaters May 27.

What connects Coldwell Banker to the X-Men? Since Coldwell Banker is the ultimate resource for all things home, we will be taking you inside the amazing abode that serves as the centerpiece to the latest chapter in the X-Men franchise.

Home is a refuge. It’s the place where we leave the troubles of the outside world at the door and can always be ourselves. And if you’re a mutant, home is the place where you are no longer an outcast, but instead become X-Men. And if you’re a mutant with powers beyond human comprehension battling an ancient evil whose goal is total destruction of the planet, you certainly need a place to kick back and unwind. Probably more than most. The minute Jean Grey, Beast, Cyclops and your other favorite X-Men stepped inside the X-Mansion–or Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters–they were home. While we may not all be using our mutant powers to battle against Apocalypse, one thing is a universal truth whether you’re a human or a mutant: it’s nice to come home.

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