Home Tip Of The Week: Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation


Whether you’re going on spring break or planning your summer vacation, it’s important to think about how to keep your home safe while you’re gone. We’ve compiled a list of the most important tips to keep in mind.

  • Alert a neighbor. It’s good to have someone keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Give them your emergency contact information. Also include your plumber, electrician, yard service, and other contacts should a problem happen while you are away.
  • Make it look lived in. Light at least one room with a timer. Leave blinds and curtains as you would have them when you’re at home, but move any expensive items out of sight. Make sure your lawn is tidy, or if you’ll be gone a long time, arrange for someone to cut it while you’re away.
  • Stop the presses! Arrange for your mail and paper to be stopped, or have a neighbor collect it.
  • Save energy and avoid problems. There’s no need for things to be running when you aren’t there. Turn up the A/C and pull the plug on electronics in case of a power surge. Turn off the water supply to avoid leaks.
  • Keep it clean. Toss out any old or nearly-expired food, and take out the trash. Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are empty. You may consider changing your sheets so you can come home to a fresh, clean bed.
  • Arrange sitters. Make plans for your plants to be watered and your pets to be cared for.
  • Lock it up. Secure everything from the doors to the windows to the fence. If you have a key hidden somewhere, move it.

Follow these steps, and there’s no need to worry while you’re away!