Home Tip Of The Week: Hosting An Outdoor Party


There are so many opportunities during spring and summer to get outside and have fun. Whether you’re hosting a casual BBQ, a poolside shindig, or a fancy garden party, don’t miss these seven steps to achieve a successful event!

  1. Clean and prep. Mow the lawn and rake the yard. Remove any tools, toys, and pet waste from the grass. Prep the grill station with necessary tools, meat thermometer, aluminum foil, and plates. Don’t overlook the indoors — especially the entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms. Make sure the areas of your home people will be walking through are neat.
  2. Let guests know what to expect. Do they need to bring anything? Is your party rain or shine? How should they dress? If you have a pool, should they come in swimwear?
  3. Assess the seating. Make sure you have enough outdoor seating. If there aren’t enough chairs, consider renting more or put out blankets for grass seating.
  4. Light it up! Prepare for your party to run into the evening hours and set up enough lighting. There are plenty of options (from candles to lanterns and string lights) that all add a certain ambience to your event.
  5. Beat the elements. Stock up on sunscreen, bottles of water, and bug repellent so everyone is comfortable. Light some citronella candles to keep mosquitos away.
  6. Rock out. Don’t forget music! Plan for five hours. Keep it classic and fun to please all of your guests. The goal is for it to be pleasing, but not too loud or overwhelming.
  7. Make an entertainment plan. Depending on your crowd, eating and drinking may be the only entertainment needed. If your audience needs more direction or if kids are in the mix, you will want to set up additional activities. A few ideas? Yard games like croquet, badminton, and bocce can be fun. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and s’mores are always a hit! For the more advanced, set up a projector and screen a movie.

We hope your spring and summer adventures are joy-filled and worry-free. Cheers to fun in the sun, longer days, and time spent with family and friends!