Home Tip Of The Week: Cleaning Out Your Closet


It’s March, which means springtime is coming! And what does spring mean? Cleaning. Today we’re giving you some pointers on the one room we all dread going through…the closet.

Schedule it. We aren’t joking! This is no easy task. Put it on your calendar and mean it. Make sure you allow at least half of a day.

Begin with the no-brainers.
The Essentials: This pile should consist of items you love and wear frequently.
The Losers: This pile includes anything worn out, stained or damaged. It should also include things you simply don’t like and things that just don’t fit.

Take a moment to learn from your two piles.

In the essentials, are there multiples? Think about what you wear the most, and consider buying it in another color. Then think about replacements. Is there something in your essentials pile that’s fading or starting to show wear? It might be time for an upgrade.

In the loser pile, is there a theme of a certain brand, style or fabric many of these items have in common? If so, take note to avoid in future shopping.

Move on to your maybes. 

Quiz yourself about why you’re having trouble getting rid of the item. Do you need another component to make it a complete outfit? Maybe it’s worth the investment. Is it nostalgic to you in some way? It might be time to take a photo for old times’ sake and toss it. Or, find a DIY project that allows you to repurpose the item. Will trying it on help? See if you feel comfortable and confident in it. None of the above? Try this test: Set a calendar reminder for three months out. If you remember it’s there and find a way to wear it in that time, keep it. If not, it’s time to toss.

Consider what’s missing. 

This time, check out your shoes and accessories, too. Are you missing any staples? Think about different occasions. If you got invited to a special event tonight, would you have appropriate attire? Is there a trend that really appeals to you that’s not here? Add it to your wish list, and make your next stroll through the mall more meaningful.


You are almost done! Doesn’t it feel great? Though you may feel like you’re finished, don’t be tempted to rush the last step of this project. Take your time putting everything back. How do you think about your clothes? By occasion, garment type, or season? Create different zones based on your mindset. As a bonus, take it a step further and color code.