Home Tip Of The Week: 5 Steps to a Perfect Game Day Party


The big game is coming up, and the Upstate is more excited than ever since the Carolina Panthers will be fighting for the title! Whether you’re having a just few friends over or throwing a big shindig, our simple 5-step checklist can help you.

  1. Get the word out! The method is up to you, but send out your invites. Make it clear what the expectations are, especially if you are doing a potluck or if it’s BYOB.
  2. Determine the spread. Are you cooking or catering? Starting from scratch or purchasing pre-made goodies from the store? Calling in a bunch of pizzas, pot-lucking it or sticking to simple snacks?
  3. Make the plan. If you are cooking or catering, start shopping or placing orders as soon as possible.
  4. Don’t forget the basics. No matter what your food plan is, you’ll need plates, cups, utensils and napkins. Go with disposables for an easier clean up, and they help make your party extra festive if you go with the football theme.
  5. Clean up and set up. Do a walkthrough of the areas where partygoers will be and make sure they are presentable. Get everything out, ready, and in place for the big day. Bring in extra seating if necessary. Finally, don’t forget to do a quick check of your TV to make sure everything is functioning properly.