Home Tip Of The Week: Keep A Clean Home With Pets


This week’s home tip focuses on man’s best friend. Is it possible to keep an odor-free and clean home with pets? Follow these tips and the answer is, yes!


Brush your pet often to remove excess hair. Consider putting a towel or blanket down where your pet likes to sit to contain the mess. Periodically shake it out in the yard and wash it.

Vacuum frequently. Twice a week is necessary to keep up with the hair. You may want to purchase a pet vacuum or an iRobot Roomba that can do the work for you and be scheduled.

Keep lint rollers in convenient places like your closet, by the door, and in your car. You can even loop ribbon through the handles and hang them on doorknobs for easy access.



Keep a towel, pet wipes, or a shallow container of water by the door to clean off any remnants from the outdoors before entering the house.

Trim your pet’s nails frequently so they won’t scratch your floors. Don’t let your pet get into the habit of scratching at the door to alert you they need to go outside. Give an alternative way for them to let you know like a bell by the door.



Skip wall-to-wall carpet if possible. If carpet is a must, choose low-pile as it’s easier to clean. As hard surfaces go, ceramic tile is ideal. Painted concrete, terrazzo, and brick also hold up well. Hardwood floors are easy to clean but can scratch. Keep in mind that porous materials like marble or other natural stones can stain even if they are sealed from acids in pet spit-up.

When something happens, spot clean immediately. Pick up or absorb the mess as much as possible. Then use an enzymatic cleaner as they cannibalize the organic materials that are the source of odors.

Use a placemat under your pet’s food and water bowls to contain spills from a messy eater or drips from a wet beard.



Pick fabrics that repel hair, resist tearing, and can be cleaned easily. Thick weave fabrics are best. Think about getting a leather or microfiber couch, which are easier to clean than silk, which stains easily, or velvet.

Consider matching colors to your pet’s fur. It’s not only a fun homage to them, but helps camouflage hair. Pick patterns that hide spots.

Get your pet a bed that’s cozy and washable. Wash it at least every month, if not weekly. You can also use an odor-eliminating freshening spray in their crate and on furniture if your pet uses one.

Give your pet fun toys to chew on so they don’t choose to gnaw on a chair leg. Avoid pig’s ears and rawhide bones as they can smell bad and are as bad for your pet as they are for your floor.