Featured Staff Member: Shelley Windsor

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Meet Shelley Windsor


Shelley Windsor joined Coldwell Banker Caine about three and a half years ago with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration from North Greenville University and experience working in sales and catering for a hotel. Shelley is our Events and Marketing Coordinator, responsible for the planning and execution of our launch parties, artist receptions, company get-togethers, and more. If you come to a Coldwell Banker Caine event, you can thank Shelley for all the fun!

Outside of work, Shelley loves making music. She’s had a passion for singing since she was five years old and enjoys collaborating with her fellow musician friends in her spare time. Her other hobbies include spending time in the mountains and riding her bike.


Shelley’s family has resided in Greenville for several generations, so she has a great appreciation for the history of the city as well as how much it’s grown. She loves to try new restaurants and shops, though she has a special love for Italian so Trio’s is one place she frequents.

Her perfect Greenville day includes taking a walk from North Main all the way down to Falls Park during the holidays. This walk includes three essential stops: the Festival Of Trees at the Hyatt, coffee, and the ice skating rink.

Shelley & Her Family

Shelley loves to travel, and her ideal trip would be to go with her family to the British Isles and Germany to visit where her ancestors once lived. We are lucky to have Shelley, and we can’t wait to see where she goes next!