How to Prepare Your Household for Back-to-School


As summer break winds down, visions of school supplies, packed lunches and sports practices cloud the minds of parents everywhere. With a little planning and organization, it doesn’t have to be so chaotic. We hope you find these tips helpful as you take on another exciting school year!


  1. Ease your kids into school year sleeping patterns. Usually during the summer, kids have later bedtimes and sleep in late. About a week before school starts have your kids go to sleep earlier and rise earlier each day. This will be an easier transition to school routines and not a drastic adjustment.
  2. Create a family calendar. Whether it’s in digital or paper form, a central calendar is key to organization and running a smooth household. Anything from sports practices, music lessons, field trips, company events, work commitments etc., this should be a space for all family members to see everyone’s weekly schedules.
  3. Plan your shopping needs. August is big time for back-to-school shopping. Prior to embarking on your quest make sure you assess your kids’ clothing and supply needs. Empty drawers and closets of outgrown clothing. Either store them as hand-me-downs or donate the discards. Create a needs list for each child so you can discuss the family budget. By setting expectations before shopping you’ll avoid in-store tantrums.
  4. Set up a storage system. Create space somewhere in your house for backpacks, jackets, sports gear, music equipment or any back-to-school gear. It is important to have a designated space just for your kids so it doesn’t clutter the rest of your home.

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