Get Connected with House Hunter

Looking for an easy way for you or your client to begin the search for a new home? The House Hunter app is a fantastic tool to keep you organized and on track.

With only a few functions to choose from, simple is the name of the game. Use the Feature List to create a verbal picture of your dream home then use the Home Listing icon to rate everything about the home you’re viewing, from proximity to work to sidewalk quality. Viewing the home without your spouse? Email everything you do or don’t like straight from the app.

The Mortgage calculator can help you decide if you can afford all those great home features before you walk in and fall in love with them.

While the app is not meant to be your only home search tool, it’s a great complement to the process. For just $1.99 you get a simple, straightforward way to rate every home you view!

Download House Hunter today!