Why our Real Estate Agents love our Real Estate Galleries

We opened our first Real Estate Gallery in May of 2010 and have received tremendous feedback from our agents and consumers about how incredible it is to conduct real estate business in a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere. The Main St Real Estate Gallery in Greenville sees lots of guests visiting the area from out of town, as well as locals that are looking for new neighborhoods.

Hear what some of our agents have to say about Coldwell Banker Caine’s Real Estate Galleries:

Dave Auler, a 30-year Carolinas resident and Coldwell Banker Caine agent, says the gallery has allowed him to come into contact with people, especially those from out of state that he otherwise wouldn’t have met. He’s met first-time visitors to Greenville, who upon visiting, decide they love it enough to move here.

Overall, he enjoys the opportunity the gallery provides to “show homes in a relaxed environment with a big-screen TV.”

Erin Halperin, Coldwell Banker Caine agent and interior designer, says, “I think that it is a less intimidating atmosphere for someone to walk into and just get some questions answered.  The galleries are inviting, homey.  It seems people feel comfortable having a seat and maybe less pressured to make some sort of decision or commitment immediately.”

The space is also conducive to general camaraderie and conversation about the Upstate. She said, “I have become the restaurant recommender extraordinaire at the Main St. Gallery.  Last week a group of four pulled chairs up in front of me like I was giving a lecture on Greenville.  For an hour!”

Be sure to stop by the Main Street Gallery soon to catch artist Julie Shabkie’s work or just to say hello!