Get Connected with Videolicious

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 10,000. Add music and a running commentary and you’ve got something great to showcase anything and everything!

Videos have never been easier to create than they are now… especially using a new software called Videolicious.

Using your mobile device, choose a combination of video clips and photos or just one or the other and tap to put them in the correct order. You can then add a customized audio message tailored to your baby’s first steps or the home you are about to list. Select from a variety of music for the perfect background sound. In just a few seconds, your video is ready to share with friends, family, clients or all of the above.

Your video can be published to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or embedded in a personal website. All this provides maximum exposure for your business or just makes it easy to share with friends.

The possibilities are endless!