Through the Years: Marketing History

Remember typewriters? Newspaper and magazines? Print ads?

OK, so it is only 2013, and typewriters aren’t as old as the dinosaurs (close, but not quite). We can still opt for newspaper delivery or pick up a magazine at the bookstore if we’d rather feel the pages between our fingertips as opposed to swiping a tablet screen.

But not too long ago, that was it. No computers, no Internet, no email and no blogs. In accordance with its relationship focus, The Caine Companies often published (and still does today!) print ads of employees and agents to present a congeniality and friendly face that locals could recognize. When newcomers arrived in Greenville, they received a typed letter personally signed by Frank or Brad Halter welcoming them to the community and letting them know the company was available to help with any real estate needs.

Check out some of the other ads and mailers from decades past.

Much has changed in the way of technology and communication, and while The Caine Companies has certainly adapted, the employees and agents still maintain the friendly personable qualities and local fiber that has lasted since the company’s inception in the 1930s. Check out the company’s website ( with its variety of resources including the collection of informative videos (Caine TV) about Upstate Communities.