“The Ninja 9”

Some of us from Coldwell Banker Caine recently attended the Gen Blue Sales Rally in Concord, NC. We heard some great info on the real estate market and enjoyed networking with other CB agents from the region.

Zan Monroe, Inspirational Speaker and Author, was one of the speakers at the day-long conference. He shared with us “The Ninja 9.”

“The Ninga 9” is a list of 9 things that successful real estate agents will do in 2012. While Zan speaks directly to real estate professionals, these practices should be used in all businesses. We wanted to share those here for those who were unable to attend or maybe have never heard of them before.

  1. Daily Gratitude. Each day give thanks for what you have.
  2. Show up! Stop opening your email first. Do one hour of productive work first.
  3. Write 2 personal notes. Use these “magic phrases”: “Thank You,” “Congratulations,” “I was thinking of you and…”
  4. Focus on your “Hot List” daily. Ask yourself, “Who can I write a contract with this week?”
  5. Focus on your “Warm List” daily. These are the people who probably want to buy or sell this year.
  6. Focus on your “Customer Service Calls” weekly. 
  7. Schedule 2 “Real Estate Reviews” this week. All this is is a simple analysis of the market. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and is presented face to face. Focus on the people first!
  8. Schedule 50 live contacts this week. Ask about F.O.R.D. when you meet: Family and Friends, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams.
  9. Review your data base for property matches (weekly) and with your newsletter (monthly).

How many of these do you accomplish on a regular basis? Be honest with yourself! If you need to ramp it up a bit just take one take per week until eventually you build up to all 9.

Zan left us with this quote, and it’s a good one to remember. “It doesn’t take much to be spectacular. You just have to set your mind to it.”
Have you set your mind to be spectacular?