Get Connected with Real Estate Calc

Can you calculate estimated monthly payments in your head when a clients asks? What about down payment and loan qualifier info? Can you mentally determine your potential commission on a sale?

Chances are, unless you’re a math genius, the answer to those questions is no way!

But not to worry – there’s an app for that!

Real Estate Calc, an app designed for iPhone and iPad users features an easy-to-use interface and lots of options!

  • Calculate an estimated monthly payment with the mortgage calculator.
  • Use the loan qualifier to calculate required income for the desired purchase.
  • An optional mortgage amortization chart gives a monthly breakdown of payments for the life of the loan.
  • Working with investors? The Cashflow Calculator helps you figure out if the property will make your client money or cost him.
  • And as if that isn’t enough, email detailed and customizable reports of the figures right to your clients without ever leaving the app!

Download the Real Estate Calc app today for just $1.99!

Using an Android?
Check out Karl’s Mortgage Calculator for Android