Get Connected with Open Home Pro


Get Connected with Open Home Pro_SidebarNext time you host an open house don’t bother with the pen and paper. Bring your iPad and Open Home Pro will do the rest.

Using this sophisticated app, visitors register themselves electronically making it easier for you to gain details about them, in handwriting you won’t have to question.

Wow your guests while at the same time finding out things like if they’re working with an agent, if they’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage and much, much more!

As your open house is in progress Open Home Pro automatically generates an email thanking your visitors for coming out, giving them details of the property and, most importantly, your contact information. If you decide to lower the price of the property a few weeks later, Open Home Pro can instantly notify the leads you gained of the changes.

Download Open Home Pro today to revolutionize your open house events. You won’t be sorry!