Get Connected with AroundMe

Visiting a new city can be confusing when it comes to finding your way around.
The hardest thing might be simply finding a place to eat, a place to have some fun or a place to sleep.

Whether visiting a new area on vacation, spending time with family in your hometown or looking for a new home, life would be much simpler if there was a way to quickly access info about what’s nearby.

AroundMe, an app available for iPhone or Android devices, can help you find a relaxing coffee shop, movie theater, public parking, the nearest bank/ATM and much more!

Let’s say you’ve been enjoying a beautiful day in a town you’re not too familiar with. You and the kids are starving, but you’re not sure what’s close. Open AroundMe, select the ‘Restaurants’ category and up pops a list of nearby places to eat. The app gives you both fast food and dine in establishments. Choose one that suits you and on the next screen you will see a map with access to directions the restaurants’ phone number.

AroundMe is also the perfect app to direct your clients to when searching for a new home in an area they might not be very familiar with. From the closest gas stations to the nearest pharmacies and grocery stores, AroundMe can help a buyer quickly see if the area has what’s important to them.