Never forget again with Evernote

Your desk is littered with sticky-note to-do’s but you can’t ever find the most current.

You get to the grocery store and realize your list is still on the counter at home.

You can’t keep up with all the documents and correspondence from your clients and are constantly disorganized. Evernote can solve these problems and so many more!

Evernote allows you to capture all your experiences, manage them and remember them all. Designed for Windows, Mac and most mobile devices, Evernote lets you access your saved information from anywhere. So no matter where you are, Evernote is with you.

You can type notes, store documents, record audio and capture photographs – all in one place.

How does this impact your real estate business? In a HUGE way! Imagine going to a listing appointment and having the ability to record the conversation with your seller (so you don’t forget anything), capture photographs of the home, type notes and to-dos and store all necessary MLS paperwork all in one place? Imagine showing a buyer around town, storing the pre-prepared MLS sheets, recording and typing your client’s comments on each property, snapping photos along the way and sharing all the information with the client for future reference with only the click of one button. Like the idea?

Get Evernote TODAY!