Creating a Home Inventory (Part 2)

In last week’s post we discuss home inventory and showcased one iPhone/iPad app that allows you to track items you own.

Recognizing the process may be slow and somewhat painful, we thought a few of the tips below may help speed you on your way.

  1. Spend an evening creating a list of the items you need to find information on in order to create an inventory. Then, whenever you have a free moment sitting in the drive-thru at Starbucks or waiting to pick up the kids from school, browse the Internet for what you need.
  2. Make a plan to do one room each month until you’ve completed the entire house.
  3. Inventory your purchases as you bring them home. The information (and even receipts!) will be readily available and you won’t have to worry about it later.

Also, be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if they have suggestions or if further support would be needed should a claim be made.

There are many other resources available for taking a home inventory if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad. Here are some ideas:

Know Your Stuff
Know Your Stuff is a free, online home inventory software. This application’s secure online storage allows access to your inventory anywhere, any time.

What You Own
What You Own Home Inventory is a free software that assists you in taking inventory of your possessions. You can add multiple pictures of your items, rooms and household as you go along. This application comes highly reviewed by CNET.

Home Inventory by Binary Formations (Apple products only)







Home Inventory is a powerful tool that also allows you to track and store information regarding insurance policies and warranties and track repairs and renovations. The iPhone and iPad apps let you wirelessly add photos to your master inventory (stored on your computer) from any location in your home.


Maybe you don’t want to use any fancy software. If that’s the case Microsoft Excel offers templates to help you.


If you don’t have a computer or want a paper option this home inventory checklist from State Farm Insurance is a great resource.


Don’t let this project scare you – commit the time and you’ll be glad you did!