The caller of the Beacon

CBS News recently aired a story about a very famous restaurant in Spartanburg, SC, The Beacon Drive In.

As the second largest drive-in restaurant in the U.S. and a Carolina tradition, the Beacon serves 1 million customers each year.

A few fun facts about this regional landmark that has been in business for 60 years include:

  • In its meal preparation, the Beacon uses:
    • 3 tons of onions each week
    • 3 tons of potatoes each week
    • 4 tons of beef, chicken and seafood each week
  • The Beacon is the largest single seller of iced tea in the U.S. 3,000 pounds of sugar are used every week making 62,500 gallons per year (enough to fill 24 tanker trucks).

The clip by CBS is a spotlight on “the caller of the Beacon”, J.C. Stroble who has worked for the drive-in for 55 years. The clip captures him at his best and gives a small taste of what the experience is like.

Eating at this world-famous establishment is a Southern tradition that guarantees you’ll come away with Smiles-A-Plenty!